Recruit for CFD software engineer, support engineer, internship

Features of Delight

  1. Delight is unique company that is challenging in the world with technologies from Japan in Computational Fruid Dynamics (CFD) field and its applications.
  2. Delight aims for world's top by specializing CFD technologies.
  3. Delight is top company in field of electrodeposition coating simulation.
  4. Delight has global customer who are not only Japanese but in USA, Europe, China, Indian, and others.
  5. Delight is making world standard buisness model based on Japanese traditional cultures.

Posting title

  1. CFD simulation software engineer who can do
    • consulting project using simluation software developed by Delight.
    • code developement.
  2. Support engineer for CFD, heat transfer, and related software.
  3. System engineer
  4. Mathematician or Physicist who will try to solve problems related with Fluid Dynamics, heat transfer, chemical reaction, or software coding for parallel computing.


We needs person who have strong motivation to succeed Japanese culutures and contribute to the world.

  • Person who is honest and humble.
  • Person who can enjoy endeavoring.
  • Person who can thinks and acts from the other's point of view.
  • Person who is healthy and like sports.
  • Person who has pleasure in contributing to others.
  • Person who constantly thinks about the company's development.

Process Full time employee/internships

  1. Please submit portfolio what you have come up to now within 5 sheets of A4 size paper.
  2. People who pass document screening will have interview.


Apply by e-mail

Please send your resume (including photo) and job history (form freedom) and send it to the following address.


[at] should be replaced by @.

Entry information is used only for recruitment selection and not used for any other purpose.
We accept consultation on hire date.


Work Hours
9:00 - 18:00 (including 1 hour break time, overtime work:about 20 hours/month)
Weekends, National Holidays, New Year's Vacation, Annual Paid Vacation
Annual Salary
JPY3,000,000 - JPY6,000,000 (based on skills and experience)
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Social health insurance
  • Transport cost
  • Annuity
Our office is within a beautiful building located 5 minutes on foot from Mejiro Yamanote Line.
Hourly wage JPY1,200, and raise accoding to experience.
10 interns is working with us now.